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Most popular voice in a band - Freddie Mercury

Queen is my third favorite musical act after The Beatles and Elton John. However, in my opinion, no singer can match Freddie Mercury's voice. Even though he died too soon, their music lives on. Here are my 10 favorite Queen songs in order of preference.

I Want It All (1989; Brian May; The Miracle)

Taken from Queen's second to last album while Mercury was still arrive, I Want It All is a heavy rocker reminiscent of Brian May compositions. The song is about rebellion and talks about the protagonist's future and dreams of youth. This was ironic considering that singer Freddie Mercury had been suffering for AIDS for two years. The song is the first instance of Roger Taylor using a double-bass drum. The music video is also one of my favorites in which the band is seen performing the songs. There are two versions of the song. I like the shorter version which starts with the band singing the chorus a-capella. All in all, it is the best song on The Miracle and one of Queen's heaviest songs.

Liar (1973; Freddie Mercury; Queen)

Liar is also a heavy rocker but has various style changes throughout. It is an early testament to Mercury's songwriting capabilities, merging various musical styles and unusual time signatures. This is one of Queen's best songs from their early years (possibly except Seven Seas of Rhye). It has a fine vocal performance by Mercury with some nice support from May and Taylor.

Don't Stop Me Now (1978; Freddie Mercury; Jazz)

Don't Stop Me Now is one of Freddie's best compositions. The song is based around his piano and vocals, with the band merely providing support. It is one of Queen's faster songs and considered to be one of the best songs to listen to while driving. Mercury's vocal performance is one of his best in the entire Queen catalog.

Back Chat (1982; John Deacon; Hot Space)

Probably the readers would be mildly shocked by this song's presence on this list. It is the only song I like on the band's much derided Hot Space album. The album is a great example of Deacon's funky compositions. He was really underrated and should have composed more material.

Radio Ga Ga (1984; Roger Taylor; The Works)

Easily the best and most famous composition by Roger Taylor, Radio Ga Ga is a gem of a song. He actually did the song a favor by not taking on lead vocals on this one, as he did with his compositions. Freddie does a stellar job of singing this song, even though it doesn't span a vast range, his vocals are powerful.

Fat-Bottomed Girls/ Bicycle Race (1978; Brian May/Freddie Mercury; Jazz)

In my opinion, this is Queen's best single release. The two songs complement each other so well. FBG is Brian's rocker with suggestive lyrics and a catchy chorus. Check out Roger's best drum fill at 2:52. BR is typical Mercury, a simple composition drifting off into strange territories. With something so simple as a Bicycle, Freddie belts out a lyric including the President of America, Watergate, Fat-Bottomed Girls and what not. A brilliant combo!

I Want To Break Free (1984; John Deacon; The Works)

I Want To Break Free is one of my favorite songs of all time. On first hearing, it seems like Freddie has written it but you might be surprised that it was good old John who wrote this one. A Freddie vocal masterclass from start to finish, IWTBF has one of the best and most controversial videos the band put out.

Killer Queen (1974; Freddie Mercury; Sheer Heart Attack)

Queen's first big hit, Killer Queen is a vaudeville type number. It is the kind of song one doesn't expect to hear from Queen, but then Freddie did let his imagination run wild while writing songs. It is a brilliant song with a well thought-out lyric.

These Are The Days of Our Lives (1991; Roger Taylor; Innuendo)

Queen's last video ever filmed, TATDOOL is too simple to be Queen. Composed mainly by Roger but credited to all four, the song is a melancholic take on life. Freddie's last line 'I Still Love You' remains one of the most famous video moments in music history.

Somebody To Love (1976; Freddie Mercury; A Day At The Races)

A song only Freddie Mercury could have composed and sung, Somebody To Love is my favorite Queen number. It has a sing-along appeal, though no one can match Mercury's brilliance. The lyric expresses his search for love, which perhaps he never found.

I have left out Bohemian Rhapsody, Innuendo and The Show Must Go On on purpose. Those songs are great anyway! These are my 10 favorite Queen songs. Hope you enjoy them too.